Why DevOps is Important for QA engineer

  1. Automation:

It is the main and most important reason for QA to move towards DevOps. Automatic deployment of Builds and automate the test cases in the same Deployment process are the most important features.

2. Build Deployment:

Despite any profile, if you are in an engineering team of any software firm you should be aware of deployment. Deployment knowledge is as important as testing.

Deployment is a continuous process same as testing. Now companies have already started looking for a hybrid profile of QA+DevOps so they can save on resources and save deployment time of developers so bandwidth cannot be gone for resolving deployment issues.

3. Cloud Service:

Companies are looking for QA who can test from UI to debug till server. And when we talk about servers then cloud services come into the picture. Cloud knowledge is important for testing backend services and the same knowledge can be used for deployment, manage the traffic, load balancer, etc.

Cloud has already taken a lot of network engineer jobs, and in the Future DevOps tools may replace the QA jobs from the market.

Smart tools like Gitlab and Github actions are few examples.

4. Containers:

Containers are already in the market for quite some time now. It can totally transform your way of testing the applications.

Now maintaining an environment is not needed. It is easily maintainable and quickly any changes can be done. So, the Os version is not an issue anymore.

5. Industry demands:

Tech Industries are now demanding hybrid profiles, like Fullstack with cloud, UI/UX +Marketing, Recruitment tools+Admin, QA+DevOps.

New tools reduce a large number of jobs and increasing DevOps automation tools are a serious threat to QA jobs.

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